CONDOR™ pro/3

(230 VAC/115 VAC)

 LED Driver 
  Number of mid current LEDs16 x 150 mA
  Individual dimming control12 Bit PWM
  Total LED power20 W
  Number of high current LEDs4 x 1000 mA
 Secondary Axes 
  Motor TypesDC-Brush / Brushless / Stepper
  Number of secundary axes2
  FeedbackEncoder / Tachometer / Hall
  Digital servo drives96 kHz PWM
  Drive power2 A / 24 V
 Main Axis 
  Input frequency (digital scale)up to 15 MHz
  Drive power5 A / 60 V
  Number of main axis3
  Analog scale inputby external interface
  Digital scale input RS422

  Servo loop time83 µs
  Subcount interpolation

  Motor TypesDC-Brush
  Digital servo drivesup to 96 kHz PWM
  FeedbackEncoder / Tachometer
 General Specifications 
  Ethernet communication rate100 Mbit/s
  Communications link with PCEthernet and RS232
  Configurable additional axis

  SP25M interfacen/a
  Configured for direct CNC controlled CMMs

  Number of CMM axes controlled3+2
  SP600 interfacen/a
  Temperature sensor inputs (T-Bus™)16
  Measurement volumeUnlimited
  SP80 interfacen/a
  GEC (Geometric Error Compensation)

  Pantec Support Tool

  TP20 interface

  TP200 interface

  Software integrationEAGLE.driver
  Touch-trigger probing function

  Integrated motor power supply

  Emergency stop DIN EN 13849

✓, extended

 Physical Data 
  Rack mounting19"
  Weight20 kg
  Dimensions (W x D x H)490 x 135 x 380 mm
 Electrical Data 
  Input voltage230 VAC ( 35008) 115 VAC ( 35009)
  Nominal input power550 VA