Compatible Metrology softwares

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The EAGLE™ product family is an open controller system towards measurement softwares as well as to the machine. All Pantec controllers have a direct interface to the measuring software und thus guarantees highest communication performance which results in an excellent machine performance.

Touch Trigger Scanning Laser Cameras T-Bus™ PHS2

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Caliper Design Inc.


AEH Xian High-Tech Ind. Metrology Co. Ltd.
· Camio Nikon Metrology Inc.
· CAPPS Applied Automation Technologies, Inc.
· CMM Manager Nikon Metrology Inc.
· Descad Wenzel Metrology GmbH
· Fokus Nikon Metrology Inc.
· Gear XY Metrotek GmbH
· INCA3D Inspect 3D
· Metrolog Metrologic Group S.A.
· Metrosoft CM Wenzel Metrology GmbH
· Open DMIS Externel-Array Software, Inc.
· Pointmaster Wenzel Metrology GmbH
· PolyWorks Innovmetric Software Inc.
· PowerINSPECT Delcam
· Quartis Wenzel Metrology GmbH
· Rational DMIS External-Array Software, Inc.
· RationalVue External-Array Software, Inc.
· Saphire Dr. Heinrich Schneider GmbH
· Tangram ITACA srl
· VDMIS Innovative Metrology Solutions