Pantec Support Tool: New Features

The latest version of the Pantec Support Tool (v contains functions for an easy connection to the SmartPad™ and the CONDOR™. Based on your feedback and our insights, we have realized following improvements:

  • You now can choose, whether you have connected a SmartPad™ or an EAGLE Pad™ to our controllers. This ensures that the controller knows which joystick is used.
  • An improved LED tool box for better handling is available for CONDOR™ and HOME_FLAG for M11 & M12.

Furthermore, easy debugging with new, helpful analysis tools and features is now possible:

✓ Capacity display of internal processor
✓ Unambiguous designation of the buttons for probe testing
✓ Version compatibility between firmware and controller are now automatically checked by the firmware manager
✓ The wizard shows, if a SmartPad™ is currently communicating with the controller
✓ Safe firmware versions are also installed, when downloading the new Support Tool