Pantec Driver

Efficient communication and operation

The driver is a PC based program for the communication and operation of Pantec coordinate measuring machine controllers.

Application developers can use the driver as a robust and efficient way to communicate to Pantec controllers. It also includes special functionality such as geometrical and thermal compensation, probe calibration, diagnostics, etc.

The driver can be used from different interfaces or levels. These levels will define the grade of abstraction and amount of functionality that can be used directly from the driver. The highest level is the most convenient and efficient solution for new applications, while the lower level interfaces ensure backward compatibility for previous developments.

It supports the newest Pantec controller generations with ETHERNET connection as well as older ones still using serial RS-232. Moreover connected devices like hand terminals, probe heads, thermal sensors, etc. can also be interfaced.

System requirements:
  • Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10 (32 or 64 bits)
  • Ethernet and / or Serial port
  • Free space on local hard drive of approximately 40 MB
  • Depends on .NET Framework 4.0 (installed automatically if required)