DEA Swift A001

Controller upgrade without changing measurement software


Machine specification/application before upgrade:

Controller: DEA Tutor P

Software: Tutor for Windows
Sensor: PH10 with TP20

Major insufficiencies before upgrade:

  • Customer is a retrofitter who wants to provide the end users the software they prefer, not the OEM prefers
  • Obedience to an OEM for used software, spare parts…


Machine specification/application after upgrade:

Controller: EAGLE™ BASIC
Software: PCDMIS, CMM Manager, VDMIS, Tutor for Windows
Sensor: PH10, TP20

Benefit after upgrade:

  • Customers can work now with a long list of preferred software
  • Increased machine performance
  • Cost effective retofits possible
  • Spare parts & controllers from an independent company

Tipp for retrofitters

With the ETBrigde driver Tutor for Windows is compatible with EAGLE™ - so the end user can still use his old part measurement programs. Increase the performance of the machine without changing the software!