Sheffield RS-30 DCC

Increased machine throughput after EAGLE™ upgrade


Machine specification/application before upgrade:

Controller: Sheffield Controller
Software: PC-DMIS
Sensor: PH10 with TP20

Major insufficiencies before upgrade:

  • Previous controller was not compatible with customers preferred new software
  • Costumer wants to have a small, integrated control system
  • Machine performance should be increased


Machine specification/application after upgrade:
Controller: EAGLE™ BASIC with PH10/TP200 Interface card
Software: VDMIS
Sensor: PH10, TP20

Benefit after upgrade:

  • Customer can work now with preferred software
  • Machine control & PH10 head control in one 19” system with Pantec PH10/ TP200 Interface card
  • Increased machine performance
  • Possibility to upgrade easily to TP200 without any additional Interface

Tipp for retrofitters

You can use the hardware limit switches also as reference flags. There is no need for additional switches, one in every axis is enough.