Zettmess AMS

Easy machine handling after upgrade with EAGLE™


Machine specification/application before upgrade:
Controller: Zett Mess CNC Controller
Software: Futurex 02
Sensor: Renishaw PH9 with TP20

Major insufficiencies before upgrade:

  • Previous controller was not compatible with customers preferred new software
  • Complicated handling with 2 PCs
  • No possibility to upgrade old PCs, because of the complicated handling
  • Machine has a complex electrical concept with seperate emergency circuit and AC-motors


Machine specification/application after upgrade:
Controller: EAGLE™ PRO 3 with +-10V analog Interface
Software: Delcam POWERINSPECT
Sensor: Renishaw PH9 with TP20

Benefit after upgrade:

  • Customer is now working in a modern CMM infrastructure with latest software
  • Machine handling gets much easier (start one PC and measure)
  • Increased machine performance
  • Only 1 standard PC is needed, which can be upgraded without any problems
  • Upgrade of the PC without any problems
  • New wireless Joystick box fits perfect for this huge machine

Tipp for retrofitters

Accellerate the Zettmess AMS upgrade by using our upgrade manual and parameter files. Just contact us.